Distributed Audio And Video Systems



Q: How does it work and why would I want this?

A: All equipment with the exception of the TV's will be in a central location in your home. This will enable all devices in your home to share the equipment. This includes: DVD players, Radio, MP3, Satellite and or Cable. All equipment can then be used at any location in the house using only a remote control.

Q: Doesn't this cost more?
A: When you consider that by not going this way with your system your going to be using considerably more devices the cost is usually less. You can now use one DVD player in your home instead of having a DVDplayer for the family room, the Game room, the bedrooms, and in the Theater if you have a theater. This also includes other devices like Apple TV or Ipod docks, Cable or Satellite DVRs.

Q: Do I need an expensive remote for every room in my house to control this?
A: Although you need a remote to control the rooms in your house, we offer a solution to this and do not require you to purchase a remote for each room. For years we have been programming what we call traveling remotes. A traveling remote allows you to tell the remote what room your in and it will then control that room. this allows you to have the control of your entire home without the cost of a remote dedicated to each room. Incase of accidental damage to a remote you will also be able to control your system from an additional remote in your house until a replacement is delivered.

Q: What other advantages are there in a distributed Audio/Video system?
A: Lets say that there are 4 people living in your home and you have 8 locations with a TV in them. One way to configure your system would be to give each person in the house a dedicated satellite or cable DVR (Digital Video Recorder). When Mom wants to watch TV on any TV in the house she can simply pull up her DVR and watch tv with her recordings on the box. Mom can watch her DVR in the family room while her son is watching his DVR in the game room and recording his favorite shows. Now mom doesn't have to worry that she cannot record her favorite show because someone else is already recording in that time slot because she has her own DVR. When Mom gets ready to retire to her room for the evening she can pause her DVR, turn off the family room TV and make her way to her bedroom. Once she is ready to watch TV again she simply turns on the TV in her bedroom to her DVR and begins her show right where she left off. Now we have made watching TV easier because your recordings will follow you no matter what room your in, and you don't need to have 8 satellite or cable boxes in your house saving you the mirroring fee that the cable or satellite provider charges per additional box.